Thursday, October 23, 2008

back of DRESS

I absolutely love the back of this Pronovias Valdemar

Fun Photo

How much was it to make thisphoto????

beautiful invite

how AMAZING is this invitation???

c/o OnceWed

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


SO after spending the day at work, rocking out to LeAnn Rimes "Blue" and realising how lonesome I am when my beau is out of town for work.....i stumbled across the beauties!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Simple outdoor centerpieces

Its simple, clean and refined....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

dancing, swaying. i'm i LOVE RIBBONS

Seriously I cannot control the thoughts...ribbon swaying in the Summer-September winds.....

Green Over-Over

Huge-ass flowers

Flipping through blogs (yes that is exactly what I said), I found a post by Design*Sponge on Zoe Bradley's exhibit at Kate's Paperie.....WHOA check it out!

we set a DATE (thus the name change)


AND A PLACE: Lake Trout Retreats - in Stroudsburg, PA
More info:

Okay I'll write more in a bit but I'm SOOOOOO excited :0)

oooo letter press oooo

Well as for an obsession for any bride the invitations are the beautiful thing that is supposed to excite all invitees and say - i cannot WAIT to go to this wedding! Its as if you order tickets to a baseball game (ahem NYY vs BOS), you wait in anticipation and when they finally arrive its Christmas morning (or July 13th) and you open them up, inspect them and are just thrilled to hold them in your hand - knowing full well that when you get to this game (or wedding) the excitement will explode onto an awesome event.

Enter letter press - the choice (re: expensive) of all exclusive brides. I am not however as fortunate to afford such a luxury item as I am saving (anywhere) to afford not only throwing an awesome wedding/ceremony/reception - but a weekend full of activity PLUS the extra for our honeymoon.

So when I saw this post on Perfect Bound - i nearly had a heart attack!

So i jump over to Dingbat's Letterpress.....and read the rules and want to cry. My thoughts for a wedding invite to go with our uuber casual wedding in the woods - how awesome would it be to get FREE design AND invitations. My OCD may be in overdrive because it's not my design but as I flip through pages and pages on their blog and heart SOARS!
(image Dingbat on etsy)
I certainly don't need 100 invites - my mere wedding of 90 can be kept to wraps w/ 50 invites, etc. but heck they're BEAUTIFUL! I particularly love all of the floral references....and although delicate the simplicity of the colors, just amazing.

So....we wait and see!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cak-ish Ideas!

What a beautiful setup....this wedding was awesome all over, but i cannot get over this cute idea.